Summer Solstice 2019

As all mountains stand on the ground,
As all trees root in the soil,
As all rivers flow to the sea,
there’s a substance under all life
that joins us and holds us up.

It is hard to believe that the summer solstice has passed and we have already experienced the apex of light in the northern hemisphere. Summer has fully arrived and it is time to bring the light into our hearts and balance the energy in our body with that of the earth.

To maintain optimum health, we must learn to flow as nature does, through the seasons. Our bodies experience similar changes to the earth as they both seek balance with the heat and energy of the sun. When the heat becomes too much, we need to offset this by finding shelter, staying hydrated, enjoying cooling fruits and vegetables, and staying calm and relaxed. 

Our yoga practice helps us connect with the joy of nature expressed by this season. This is the best season for flexibility and ease of range of motion which we can enjoy by practicing surya namaskar and gentle backbends. The positions on the floor help us explore the possibilities of transition, and the sense of completion. The sitting pose resembles a flame burning steadily and calmly. . . joining the palms of the hands in anjali mudra, raising the arms toward the sun, together with deep calm breathing allows to sense the quality of fire. Whatever activity you engage in, i invite you to reflect on the surroundings of nature, notice your breath; feel the peace in your heart as they merge. And, whenever possible, come into stillness with all that is. 

Summer Blessings!