Spring Equinox 2019


Waiting For Safety

a question mark
waving in the wind,
holding to the fetal curl
and the safety
of the winter womb.

not the gentle
kiss of sun,
nor stream voice,
can coax
that frond
to unfurl
one single moment
before it does.

- Danna Faulds

The fiddlehead is one of the early signs of spring. The coiled shoots appear on the barren forest floor and announce the change of season. This fern seems symbolic to me of the spurts of energy and deep restlessness that spring brings. We have waited all winter for wonderful things to happen and if they don’t, we feel very disappointed. We sway from one mood to another.

The mysterious powers of spring create the wind. The wind blows, disturbing our vision, burning our eyes, raising dust. Energy is not smooth. It’s full of jerks. It sparkles, it is effervescent. We stumble as if hitting against invisible barriers. Eventually, when this energy finds space, it starts to flow again.

Spring brings out excitement and wonder, and the practice of yoga helps modulate the jangle of its extremes. We introduce twists to promote flexibility, we consider the sides as well as the back of the body, like a rushing stream which needs clean banks. We feel the need to get longer again. In the winter, the mists, the clouds, and the sky have let us fold in on ourselves; in spring, we feel a great desire to look around and expand.

Yoga poses help us discover the polarity between the earth and the sky again; the sky becomes more distant and the flowers, grass, and especially the trees, remind us of this movement up from below. Like the frond of the fiddlehead the earth holds such vital force, which finds expression through buds, emerging leaves, and new growth. This invites us to find access to this swirling energy through our practice.

Next time you walk outdoors, take a moment to connect with your breath, with the earth, with all living things, and notice how this instantly brings calm. In any moment, we have a choice to stop, let go, and listen.

Spring Blessings,