Winter Message 2019

It has been a wonderful gift seeing you all and practicing yoga together as we begin our winter session. And, this month had a unique offering from nature as we experienced a super blood wolf moon - a convergence of celestial events that gave us the opportunity to witness the deep red color of a full lunar eclipse; to view the interplay of dark and light; a reminder to journey inward.

This season is the most yin, conducive to introspection and nourishing the deeper parts of ourselves. It is a time to connect with the quiet, reading, writing, sitting with friends, and enjoying meals together. Stillness calls to us and invites us to move slower, talk quietly, and listen with presence. And, there is also the subtle lengthening of daylight which may draw us outdoors to walk and explore, breathe deeply, or enjoy outdoor activities.

Through our yoga practice and on our own, we can align ourselves with the greater rhythms of nature. As nature slows down to restore itself so that it can burst forth with new life and energy in the spring, we too can use this time to restore ourselves in whatever way feels right.

Meanwhile, yoga classes will continue for the winter session until the February school vacation. Then classes will resume the following week.

Enjoy the blessings of the season!