What is Shekhinah?

Shekhinah is spelled several ways but has the same meaning: "that which dwells within." According to ancient theology, it refers to the mystical embodiment of the Divine feminine, dwelling within all living things and the earth. Practicing yoga, we connect with the spirit within, and the energy that is the rhythm of life...the stream that runs through our veins and dances through the soil.

As part of the Kripalu tradition, Shekhinah Yoga is a unique way to integrate body, mind, and spirit by coordinating movement and breath. Students become more flexible and strong while developing a sense of compassionate self-awareness.


"Nancy's classes have been a peaceful oasis for me in an otherwise hectic life helping me to focus my energy, appreciate my connection to the universe, and to bring the lessons of yoga with me off the mat to inform my life." -Linda S.